Humanities Courses

Humanities offers a rotation of different topics each semester, reflecting the broad interests and expertise of the faculty. Our faculty are drawn from Anthropology, Classics, English, Geography and Environmental Studies, History, Languages and Cultures, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Each of the HUM courses fulfills the LAS core humanities requirement (3 credit hours) of the general humanities area requirement (9 credit hours), as well as satisfying the Navigate and upper-division Writing Intensive requirements in the campus-wide Compass Curriculum.

A Master's of Arts in Humanities is currently being developed at UCCS—stay tuned!

HUM 3990 - Special Topics in Humanities

Required Credit Hours 3
About the Program Approved for Compass Curriculum requirements: Navigate; Writing Intensive.
Focus of Study The topic will vary by semester and a specific course may be cross-listed with a course in another department. Students should check Course Search on the UCCS website or the MyUCCS Portal each semester for specific topics.

HUM 9400 - Independent Study in Humanities

Required Credit Hours 1
About the Program Permission of the Director of Humanities is required.
Focus of Study Independent Study in Humanities is set aside for those students needing 1 credit hour in Humanities to satisfy the General Humanities Requirement.