Helen Davies, Ph.D.

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Helen Davies, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
COLU 1049

About Helen

"There is an old meme that says something like 'STEM can teach you how to clone a dinosaur, but the Humanities can tell you why that is a bad idea.' As someone who works at the intersection of digital technologies and traditional humanities approaches, this strikes me as fundamentally true. Technologies are increasingly shaping the world around us, and new developments are on the horizon. The Humanities provide us with the tools to navigate this future with the focus on interrogating information, questioning assumptions, pushing back against established narratives, and exploring the deeper question of the 'why' in stories…hopefully avoiding the fate that befell Jurassic Park. Studying the Humanities deepens our experience of life in the present, helps us appreciate the past, and may be the key to us all navigating the future."    

          - Dr. Helen Davies, Co-Director, Digital Humanities Center, Assistant Professor of English 

In addition to her role within the Humanities program, Dr. Helen Davies is a UCCS Department of English Assistant Professor.