Dorothea Olkowski, Ph.D.

Dorothea Olkowski, Ph.D.

Dorothea Olkowski, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
COLU 4001

Humanities Courses Taught

HUM 3990 - Cyborgs and Monsters

Curriculum Vitae

"Interdisciplinary Humanities! More easily said than done. Let us appreciate and celebrate our Humanities colleagues who have given so much of their intellectual life to practicing the difficult art of interdisciplinarity, and who make the extra effort to develop and foster expertise in different academic disciplines opening themselves and our students to new ways of thinking and experiencing the world."  

          - Dr. Dorothea Olkowski, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy 

In addition to her role within the Humanities program, Dr. Dorothea Olkowski is the UCCS Director of the Cognitive Studies Minor and a UCCS Department of Philosophy Distinguished Professor.